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About The Hippocrates Health Search

Hippocrates is an innovative and state-of-the-art search application that makes it possible for any one to simply type in a medical term and get a detailed, formatted report on that disease, condition or medication within a few seconds. Hippocrates is not just a general Internet search as seen on many search engines. With one click of your mouse you will get a complete report on the medical keyword from trusted sources, so you no longer have to do the tedious site-by-site searches.

  • Search Results are obtained in real-time, directly from the sources. No more dead-links!  
  • Links are provided to the original content from the various sites searched, so that you can get in-depth information directly from the sources.   
  • Alternative medicine sources have been included to provide an overview of other types of cures and natural remedies besides conventional medicine.  
  • You can obtain detailed results on most prescription and non-prescription medications. 
  • Additional reading and news links are also included.  
  • See search hints for more information 

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